22 & 23 Oktober

Starttime 9:00

Reuver, Drakenrijk

ultimate warrior 22+23 oktober 2022

To be able to call yourself a 24 hour warrior you will have to test your body and mind to the limit, to be able to brag for the rest of your life with your unique and bizarre performance at parties and birthdays.
This grueling 24 hours is therefore only reserved for the ultimate warrior who really seeks the next level challenge in pushing his or her limits.

What can you expect?

A run through a unique, beautiful nature reserve with beach, forests, heathland, sand quarries and bunkers.
A cross-border experience, both literally and figuratively.
At the start you will receive a ninja headband to brave the course like a real warrior.
Judo belt from 28km that you need to overcome obstacles.
A unique medal and finisher shirt, these are specially created for this unique 24 hour ultimate warrior.
Sufficient food and drink items powered by XXL nutrition.
Changing rooms and showers with hot water.
The PIT (covered tent) has been created for all 24 HOUR participants and is included in the ticket price.
Here you can get the following:

Food and drink all day long (breakfast, lunch, hot and cold buffet). With of course also vegetarian dishes and coffee/tea.
Sleeping places to rest.
Microwaves for heating your own food.
Masseurs for loosening the muscles.
Toilets and showers with hot water.
Sauna and jacuzzi (clean to enter, of course).
and for €15,- your buddy can be registered and use the same facilities.

There are more than enough food and drink stations on the trail. It is not necessary to bring anything with you, of course you can. You can place your own food and drinks in the Pit.

The course starts with 2 laps of 28 km (is 56 km Ultra) with a total cut-off time of 12 hours.

1st 28 km round you can do a maximum of 5.5 hours. (Unfortunately, if you do NOT cross the start and finish within these 5.5 hours, you will not be allowed to continue to round 2.

After the 1st round you will receive a silicone band (which you can keep)

The 2nd round is again 28KM and lasts a maximum of 6,5 hours.

After the 56 km Ultra you start rounds of 7 KM. After every 7 KM you can rest in the PIT (max. 2 hours). This is controlled by marshalls and volunteers.

After 56 KM Ultra you get a white judo belt. After the 1st round of 7KM a hole is made in the judo belt and after the 2nd round of 7KM (so after 14km) you get a different color judo belt in succession until the black belt.

• After 56 KM white Judo belt
• After 70 KM yellow Judo belt
• After 84 KM orange Judo belt
• After 98 KM Green Judo Belt
• After 112 KM Blue Judo Belt
• After 126 KM Brown Judo Belt
• After 140 KM Black Judo Belt

❌ Not hitting an obstacle = 10 burpees

❌ All rules are checked and counted by our Marshalls volunteers.

❌ The Ultra and 24 hour runners will receive an ULTIMATE WARRIOR vest, which makes them easily recognizable for other runners and gives them priority at the obstacles.
❌ You can of course add this to your collection as a collector’s item.

❌ Surprise element, as a finisher you make a unique wooden medal yourself on which you burn the logo of UW.
You may be able to collect even more Ultimate Warrior collectors items during the run. Be alert!


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